*Due to increased demand, Pibborafi must raise prices slightly on all pups starting Sunday March 4, 2018.

is available now.

She's a Mastiff from Auburn Hills, Michigan and is available now on Amazon. Maggie launches Pibborafi's SECOND LITTER of Pups.

Rescue. Do Not Buy.A sweet mastiff named Maggie is our latest Pibborafi. And for every Maggie sold, Pibborafi will donate a Maggie to an animal rescue. The rescue will sell, auction, or fundraise with these limited-production toys and keep 100% of the proceeds to help pay for much-needed vet care for neglected, abandoned and abused dogs. We've made it easy. This year, we'll help YOU make the difference you've always wanted to make.
A special message on a limited-edition tag will appear randomly on selected Maggies. Look for them.

Look for the next Pibborafi Pup; Lucky from Oxford, MI, coming soon.